A statement from UKDS & EDF – DCL Update

Deaf Champions League – An update from UK Deaf Sport and England Deaf Football
25th November 2020

A meeting was hosted between UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) and England Deaf Football (EDF) with an open invitation to Deaf Football clubs to discuss the upcoming competitions being organised by Deaf Champions League (DCL) 2021.

As a result of the global pandemic COVID-19 we know this year has been a challenge for everyone involved in either running a club and/or being an active member of the club as leagues and competitions have been put on hold/cancelled or postponed.

The purpose of the meeting was for UKDS and EDF to share collective thoughts based on information gathered to date around the DCL tournaments happening in 2021. Both UKDS and EDF are very concerned about the following:

• Continued lack of clear information being shared about how the tournaments/leagues are
delivered and what measures have been put in place to protect the safeguarding and wellbeing of
players taking part
• Lack of clarity around DCL response to managing and responding to issues raised as a result of
ongoing challenges created by COVID-19
• Lack of high quality and detailed information being given around risk assessments and insurance for
clubs/teams to enter the DCL tournament
• The lack of information confirming to UKDS and EDF about tournament
• Agreed communication structures not being managed effectively by DCL to UKDS and EDF
• EDF will withhold all future applications to DCL until issues with DCL are satisfactorily resolved

As a result of these concerns and at this time based on the information UKDS and EDF currently have, we are not satisfied to sanction clubs/teams wishing to take part in the DCL tournaments.
We will continue to engage with DCL on the matters that we are concerned as mentioned above and will update clubs and players on a regular basis.

If you are concerned or want to discuss this further, please do get in touch with your club secretary or following contacts below:

Futsal – Joanna Raper

Football – Sean Noone

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