AGM Minutes and Presentations

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Year End 2021

UKDS Annual Report 20-21 – FINAL
UKDS AGM Notice 2021 Final
UKDS Staff AGM Slides 2021

Year End 2020

UKDS Annual Report 19-20
AGM Minutes 2020

Year End 2019

UKDS Annual Report 18-19
AGM Minutes 2019

Year End 2018

UKDS Annual Report and Unaudited Accounts Year End 2018
AGM Minutes 2018

Year End 2017

UKDS Annual Report 16-17
AGM Minutes 2017

Year End 2016


pdfUKDS Trustees Report and Unaudited Accounts

pdfUKDS Trustees Report and Unaudited Accounts FOR THE 2 MONTHS ENDED

pdfFinance Update

AGM 2016 Presentations:

pdfUKDS update event and AGM Programme

pdfUKDS Annual Review AGM

pdfSamsun 2017 Team Manager Day

Year End 2015

pdfMinutes of AGM Meeting


pdfFinance Update

pdfChairs Update

pdfUKDS Accounts

AGM 2015 Presentations:

pdfAGM Participation Presentation

pdfUKDS Update Event and AGM programme

pdfUKDS Strategy Public

pdfUKDS AGM Deaflymipics Presentation

Year End 2014

15 November 2014 – London


pdfMinutes of AGM Meeting

AGM 2014 Presentations:

pdfAGM presentation DEAFinitely Inclusive Short

pdfAGM Sofia Presentation

pdfChair’s update

pdfNew Branding presentation

pdfNext Three Years Plans presentation

pdfSilence is Golden presentation


pdfUKDS Trustees’report and unaudited accounts – Signed

29 March 2014 – London


pdfMinutes of AGM Signed

pdfEGM minutes Signed

AGM 2014 Presentations:


Year End 2013


pdfMinutes of AGM signed


pdfUKDS’ Chair Update

pdfUk Deaf Sports Director of Development Report 2013

pdfUKDS’ Strategy 2013-2017 Update

pdfS2013 Summer Deaflympics Summary

pdfUKDS’ Annual Report by the Chair

pdfUKDS’ Finance Report 2013  pdfUK Deaf Sports Finance Report 2013 pdfUKDS Trustees’s Report and unaudited accounts 2012-2013 AGM 2013 Presentations:

pdfUKDS’ 2013 Deaflympics

Special Written:

pdfCover letter for Special Written Resolution UKDS

pdfSpecial Written Resolution UKDS

Year End 2012

pdf17 November 2012 – Coventry AGM 2012 Presentations: pdfLaunch of UKDS Vision pdfInclusive Sport Update pdfSofia 2013 Talent Development pdfGovernance Category pdfCapability Building pdfUKDS Chair Update pdfSofia 2013 Deaflympics Reports: pdfFinance Report 2011-2012 pdfCommunications Report 2011-2012

Year End 2011

pdf19 November 2011 – London AGM 2011 Presentations: pdfEFDS Presentation pdfSport England Presentation pdfICSD Presentation

Year End 2010

pdf27 November 2010 – London

Year End 2009

pdf23 January 2010 – London

Year End 2008

pdf22 November 2008 – London

Year End 2007

pdf22 September 2007 – London

Year End 2006

pdf9 September 2006 – Glasgow

Year End 2005

pdf10 September 2005 – Cardiff

Year End 2004

pdf12 June 2004 – Manchester

Year End 2003

pdf14 June 2003 – Manchester