ASA Lets Go Swimming research

The Amateur Swimming Association and an independent research agency called The Behavioural Architects (TBA) are working on a piece of research to understand how to get more people swimming, and are looking for suitable respondents to take part. They are specifically looking for people who are deaf or hard of hearing that are NOT BSL users.

The research involves a little bit of pre-work and then visiting a swimming pool in your local area with a TBA researcher. You will be given an incentive of £50 as a thank you for your help with the research.

You must be available on 8th and 9th July in Peterborough for 1/2 a day. This will involve monitoring your journey to, and swiming experience as well as an interview after your activity.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing please contact Rachel Tallon at the ASA or Clive Breedon our National Participation Officer at UKDS

Rachel Tallon

Clive Breedon :

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