Bids now open for Youth Events


Dear Members

This email refers to the information ‘RE: 4 Year Deaf Sports Cycle’ that you received last month (10 August 2010) discussing the future Youth World Championships events. Below are more detailed information for you.

Youth World Championships (Summer Sports)

Based on the data research from the recent 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Taipei, ICSD Executive Board agrees that there is high chance for successful Youth World Championships events for those six (6) different events below:

  1.        Athletics
  2.        Badminton
  3.        Basketball
  4.        Football
  5.       Swimming
  6.       Table Tennis

However, ICSD will not limit the bidding opportunity to the 6 events above. ICSD will welcome any other bids for those sport events that are not listed in the top six for the Youth World Championships. As long as any of the Youth World Championships events are scheduled during Year 1 (i.e.: 2014, 2018, 2022).

For all Youth World Championships events, the maximum age will be 19 (U19) and the minimum age will be 16. (i.e.: For 2014 U19 World Championships, the athletes’ birth year must be in between 1995 – 1998 = 01 January 1995 – 31 December 1998)

Bidding for 6 Youth World Championships events above is now open to all National Deaf Sports Federation members, cities such as Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, private event organizers, and corporate partners. Again, ICSD will welcome any event other than 6 events indicated above. Please keep in mind that the 5:2 rules still applies therefore please select the sport of your choice carefully.

Deadline to submit bidding documents is on 31 July 2012. Please see attached on the future World Championships due dates. Also see updated Calendar of Events here –

The earlier bid document is sent to ICSD office, the better chance to secure the bids early. ICSD reserve the right to close the bidding application when we receive enough number of interest bidders.

Youth World Championships (Winter Sports)

Due to smaller number of winter participants, the Youth World Championships will be held at the same time along with seniors World Championships. This will be on Year 4 (i.e.: 2013, 2017, 2021).

Deadline to submit all Winter Sports World Championships is on 31 Jan 2011.

In addition, we will explain and discuss this new timeline of Youth events during 2011 ICSD Congress workshop.

Kind regards,

Wayne Langbein

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