Black History Month at UK Deaf Sport

October in the UK is Black History Month. It is a month where we can recognise and draw attention to the contribution and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage. It’s also an opportunity for people to learn more about the effects of racism and how to challenge negative stereotypes.

For UK Deaf Sport, this is an opportunity for us to recognise the black deaf athletes involved in sport. Not just for October, but all year round.

To kick it off we had Deaf basketball player and UK Deaf Sport Project Officer Thomas Irish do a takeover day on our Instagram account @DeafActiveOnline. He answered questions directly from our followers about anything and everything, such as Deaf Basketball signs, his favourite teams, and basketball memories.

We added to our growing athlete videos by including two new athletes who shared their experiences, passions and why they love their sport. Listen and watch Sarah Adedeji and Ryan Pendley tell us their experiences.

To watch the rest of our Deaf Athlete video series, head over to our youtube channel.

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