Bluebird Deaf Waterski Club celebrating 50 years

The club was formed in 1965 by members of the Norwich Deaf Football Team. Spearheaded by current Club President Harry Wooldridge. Who’s first attempt at water-skiing was pinching his mother’s washing line and putting it on the back of the boat.

Initially, it was a fairly informal group of enthusiasts but as their experience and expertise improved they invited guests both deaf and hearing to join the activities and the group began to enter into organised events.

Needless to say with this more active participation coming along a club name was and the “The Bluebird Deaf Waterski Club” was born. To begin with skiing took place on the sea primarily at Wells where, as part of the Norwich deaf sports and social club, the club was granted permission to ski with a maximum of two boats without having to join the wells waterski club.

From 1965 the club was allowed to use a lake in Taverham and this was formalised in 1973 as a sharing arrangement with the Norwich and District Waterski Club. With the all year round use of water, the standard of skiing rose dramatically and members entered competitions throughout the area and beyond.

Now celebrating 50 years of helping to give deaf and hard of hearing children the chance to Waterski. the club continues to go from strength to strength.

to find out more about the club watch their short video from Mustard TV by clicking on the link here

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