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UK Deaf Sport and ukactive to support Leisure Sector

To celebrate Great British Week of Sport 2020 UK Deaf Sport have joined forces with ukactive to develop a collection of online and visual resources to support the learning and awareness when supporting Deaf people. There are 11 million deaf people living in the UK with 8 million residing in England. Sign Health highlighted in their research that up to 40% of deaf and hard of hearing people experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives – well over 3 million people. UK Deaf Sport 2015 Participation survey highlighted 1 in 5 deaf people couldn’t access sport and physical activity opportunities due to communication barriers. We know that over 70,000 deaf people use British Sign Language as their main form of communication which can be a barrier when accessing services – both sport and non-sport. As a result, members of this community risk high levels of isolation and challenges with their mental health. With Government recommended Covid-19 restrictions in place and the increase use of masks, there is an even great need for this area of work to support the sector, including all staff and volunteers who work in the leisure centres. We know that with frontline workers being required to wear a mask in cafes and restaurants attached to gyms and leisure sites, there is a continued challenge for deaf people to interact and enjoy the experience. Watch this space for more information coming soon.

DeaflympicsGB 2021 – Update

Deaflympics GB team The Confederação Brasileira de Desportos dos Surdos (CBDS) has been selected by ICSD and are confirmed to host and deliver the 24th Summer Deaflympics in Caxias do Sul, in Brazil next year between 5th-21st December 2021. DeaflympicsGB participation at the 23rd Summer Deaflympics Games held in Samsun, Turkey, was full of achievements. Medal targets for the games were beaten with a total of nine medals brought home to the UK, along with younger athletes showing outstanding potential for future games. UK Deaf Sport are in the process of discussing and making plans for the DeaflympicsGB team to attend the 24th Summer Deaflympics Games. We are working with key contacts in each of these sports, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics and Football regarding their options on attending the Deaflympics. Covid & Deaflympics The impact of Covid-19 over the past 6 months has been challenging for everyone, particularly our deaf athletes who have been unable to train and prepare for domestic and future international competitions. However, the staff and members of the ‘UK Deaf Sport Performance Advisory’ have hosted a number of meetings to discuss the current situation, planning the next steps and most importantly discussed how to provide the right physical and emotional support for athletes involved. We will continue to monitor the situation surrounding covid and act on the wishes of the athletes competing. Upcoming job role In the next week UK Deaf Sport will be advertising the DeaflympicsGB team ‘Chef De Mission’ role and will be inviting all interested people with the relevant skills to get in touch. UK Deaf Sport will make sure to share regular updates on the planning and delivery of the key activities leading up to the attendance at the Games next December 2021. If you have any questions about the DeaflympicsGB, please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] The first Deaflympics, known as the “International Silent Games”, were held in the summer of 1924 in Paris, and later on these Deaf Games were held every four years with a break during World War Two. The Winter Deaflympics were first held in Austria in 1949. From 1924 to the present day, the ICSD has organized 23 Summer and 18 Winter Deaflympics in a year following the year of the Olympic Games.

UK Deaf Sport Update

Yesterday (22nd September 2020), the Government announced new restrictions linked to the spread of Covid-19. Please find below more information provided following this update. The government’s announcements mean some changes for grassroots sport and leisure activities and included a new restriction to have a maximum of 6 people taking part in ‘adult indoor team sport’. What does this mean? · The restriction only applies to those aged 18 and over participating in ‘adult indoor Team Sport’ · We are also seeking clarification from Sport England and DCMS on how the rule of 6 would be applied to adults participating in sport and physical activities · Going to the gym and fitness classes will still be allowed to continue for over 6 people as long as there is no interaction or mingling between individual groups of 6 · Outdoor sports and activities played formally and under government approved guidance can carry on. What we are doing? We will continue to work with clubs and delivery providers to ensure that information and guidance is shared. We will also work closely with our deaf sports to ensure that they are supported through this. We appreciate there may be further clarification required and we will work to provide further guidance as soon as possible. We are asking all deaf clubs and sports to keep following the guidance provided by the Government, individual national governing bodies and Sport England to ensure that safe delivery of activity is maintained and that we can collectively continue to work to help contain the spread of the virus. We will continue to monitor the updates and experiences had around face masks being used within the sport and physical activity sector, the barriers raised and how to work with organisations and individuals to break these down safely and within government guidance. We would like to thank all volunteers, staff, providers and Deaf participants for their continued great work in helping to rebuild sport following lockdown, and for continuing to follow the guidance provided. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Welcome our new intern Lydia Ingman!

We are very pleased to introduce the newest member for our team here at UK Deaf Sport, Lydia Ingman. Lydia is a world class deaf golfer and has won several tournaments. She’s been very busy behind the scenes with helping us improve communication with athletes, liaising with the trainers involved in #DeafActiveOnline and a many more, overall a fantastic addition to the UK Deaf Sport! Get to know Lydia a bit better by reading about them below. About Lydia Hello I’m Lydia Ingman from Chesterfield! I’m a new intern at UK Deaf Sport and am really excited to be working in an area that I feel so passionately about! My role will be diverse across different areas, helping me to understand the behind the scenes of the organisation. The role will also support my studies of Sport and Exercise Science at Manchester Metropolitan University. A little about me: I was born deaf to a hearing family. From a young age, I learnt to sign and lip read which became my main form of communication until having a cochlear implant at aged 3. My main sport is Golf and is a big part of my life. I started at the age of 8 years old, joining my brother and Dad to a golfing session and loved it! Since then I’ve joined the England Deaf Golf team and I have met so many people who I am good friends with now. Competition wise, I’ve won many to my name. My greatest achievement is winning the World Deaf Golf Championships 2016 in Copenhagen and winning European Deaf Golf Championships 2017 in England. I am really looking forward to working with the great team at UK Deaf Sport!

UKDS Statement – Return to Play

Across the Sport and Physical Activity Sector plans and preparations continue to be made as restrictions are lifted further. UK Deaf Sport remains committed to supporting and working together with volunteers, coaches and officials involved in leading and delivering deaf sports and physical activities. We want to make sure that with the plans and preparations being made by Sports and other organisations leading sport and physical activity activities, the information and support needs of deaf people are not forgotten. We want to make sure that guidance being provided by Sports and other organisations leading sport and physical activity activities is accessible and inclusive. At the end of July we showed our commitment alongside our other national disability sport organisation partners in an open letter, led by Activity Alliance, urging sport and leisure decision makers to put deaf and disabled people’s inclusion at the heart of plans and preparations. UKDS are following up with the recipients of the letter to continue to support and strengthen the message with these key personnel. We recognise that sport and leisure providers are going through challenging times financially. One of our biggest fears is that providers will cut their inclusion work. Losing the key staff who have been central to ensuring inclusive practice would have a devastating impact on disabled people’s participation. During these times we are taking the following actions: Continuing to work alongside the Activity Alliance, Sport England and our colleagues at the National Disability Sport Partnership to raise awareness of the needs of Deaf and Disabled people Continue to work with National Governing Bodies and other organisations to ensure that their guidance and information on ‘return to play’ is fully accessible including the inclusion of information translated into BSL. Create and share our own guidance including useful links and best practice guidelines for our volunteers and coaches supporting deaf sports and physical activities Continue to listen to the concerns and challenges faced by our volunteers and coaches leading on deaf sports and physical activity and provide the appropriate support and guidance. This could include meetings and training. Continue to listen and provide solutions to the concerns raised by the deaf community during these challenging and uncertain times. This may include signposting to other organisations. We will regularly update our website and share information with partners and key contacts on resources available. If you have any questions about this or the work, we are doing around this, please contact us at [email protected]