Consultancy role with Wales Deaf Sport

Wales Deaf Sport are seeking a consultant or consultancy to support and direct the development of their strategy which will define the focus of the organisation until 2025. This area of work will take place between April to July 2021. 

Wales Deaf Sports exists now to provide support to anyone in sports that need help with training, planning etc. 

In partnership with UK Deaf Sport, Disability Sport Wales, Wales Governing Bodies of Sport and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Organisations in Wales are organising and developing opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and young people to participate in Sport and Exercise. 

The development of the strategy will ensure Wales Deaf Sports becomes an effective organisation with a deliverable plan which delivers success for both Community and High Performance sport.

The consultation work will include engaging and consulting with Wales Deaf Sport members, UK Deaf Sport, Disability Sport Wales and other charities and organisations supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Wales. 

In addition to this, recommendations from this work will also highlight recommendations for provisions for physical activity and opportunities for volunteering and coaching; identification of performance pathway into Welsh National Governing Bodies provision and also a communications plan. 

Should you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact Wales Deaf Sport Chair Gwynne Griffiths at

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