Danielle Joyce sets a new world record at Edinburgh Royal Commonwealth Pool

Danielle said: “My coaches told me not to expect any big improvements at this time of the year because I’m adapting to a new programme and new training.
“But I feel I have made some big improvements and I’m on track for the World Deafs.
“I’m slightly nervous but because the Europeans went so well last year I know I’ll handle the pressure.
“It’s more the racing in the heat that I’m worried about and obviously being backstroke the sun will be shining right in my face, but I think I‘ll be ok.”

Danielle is a first year student at Stirling Universityand is one of 150 to be supported by Winning Students, Scotland’s national sports scholarships programme for student athletes.
Through the programme she receives funding support and the academic flexibility required to perform at the highest level in sport and studies.

Danielle is also one of UKDS Ambassadors and is a great role model for young deaf people.

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