Deaf Athlete needs your vote

Callie Halliday who competes in Canoe Slalom needs your vote to help her gain funding through the “Bring on Tomorrow Foundation” who provide funding to talented young athletes between 12 and 23

The Bring on Tomorrow Foundation is a sporting legacy initiative established by For Goodness Shakes in partnership with SportsAid.

This year Callie Halliday has been shortlisted. Callie achievement are highlight below

Sport: Canoe Slalom
Trains at: Worcester, Nottingham and Cardiff plus other venues
SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS:Represented England in junior ladies C1 (individual and team) 2011

Represented England in junior ladies K1 in Scotland 2011
Ranked 7th in Great Britain for ladies C1 slalom
Came 5th in the 2011 British Open, slalom
Travelled as the junior ladies reserve to the World freestyle kayaking championships in Germany 2011.
4th C1W at prem race 2 at Nottingham 17th March 2012

To show your support please click on the link below and cast a vote for Callie

The Foundation helps to fund the development of promising young athletes, nurturing their talent and providing the support they need to become Great Britain’s champions of tomorrow.

Each year the fund gives away 2 sponsorships following the votes gained through their website. for more information on the fund click here

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