Deaf Awareness Training for People in Sport and Leisure

Effective Communication : Coaching Deaf People in Sport

Coaching Deaf Badminton

Developed in partnership with UK Deaf Sport and the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) this is an interactive workshop that will help develop your communication skills, so you can fully include deaf people of all ages. It’s very likely that at some point you’ll coach an individual who is deaf *. Delivered by coaches who are deaf themselves this workshop will give you the confidence to include them in your sessions alongside your hearing participants. What’s more this workshop will help you develop your non verbal communication skills so your day-to-day coaching sessions will improve.

Duration: 3 hours (includes practical element)

Group size: 6-25



You will :

  • be aware of deafness and understand the barriers facing deaf people in sport.
  • have developed your own communication skills and be able to use them effectively in any coaching session
  • be aware of and understand the pathways for deaf sport to encourage deaf participants to aim high
  • be able to develop an action plan to include deaf people in your coaching session

Clive Breedon National Participation Officer for UK Deaf Sport says ;

“With over 80% of people who are deaf or hard of hearing wanting to play sport in a mixed hearing and deaf mainstream environment we are regularly finding that more deaf people are playing at local clubs often without the club being aware. The workshop  will not only improve your deaf awareness but will improve your overall communication skills and coaching so is hugely beneficial. The qualification is also a major step towards a club becoming DEAFinitely Inclusive and benefiting from additional support from UK Deaf Sport and our partners. ”

Workshops are run by a number of organisations across the country coming up this month are

Devon ;Workshop Code :EC/54053 Date :13 September, 2016

London :Workshop Code :EC/54540 Date :14 September, 2016

Peterborough :Workshop Code EC/54327 Date : 26 September, 2016

Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham :Workshop Code :EC/54276 Date:27 September, 2016

Northampton : Workshop Code EC/54607 Date:25 October, 2016

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