Deaf Sport in the UK Survey

UK Deaf Sport have partnered together with Wales Deaf Sport and others to release an important survey for d/deaf, hard of hearing people or parents and carers of a deaf young person to complete.

This short survey filled by yourselves will be used in helping deaf sport organisations in shaping the wider landscape of sport and physical activity in the UK. Your feedback in this survey will be taken into consideration when we look to make improvements to the programmes and plans to support, grow and strengthen deaf sport in the UK.

We also have separate survey for our partners and for those who are a parent/carer for a deaf child/young person.

The survey is available in English, Welsh and BSL.

Deaf Sport UK Survey

Partner Survey

Parent/Carer of a deaf child or young person survey

Please fill in, share as much as you can, the closing date for these surveys is Friday 17th September.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Should you wish to respond to the survey in BSL, please contact us at

On behalf of Wales Deaf Sport and other partners, thank you for your time and support with this.

Valerie Copenhagen, Executive Director UK Deaf Sport

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