European Deaf Sport Organisation needs new

Motto for European Deaf Sport Organisation

At its meeting on 9.-10.3.2012 in Athens, the EDSO Executive Committee made a decision to continue “second round” to ask its member countries to help in finding a suitable motto for EDSO activities.

Executive Committee would like to get more ideas for the motto.Thank you very much for the people or association which were sent their ideas. At the moment EDSO does not have any special motto in use. For instance, the ICSD has the following motto in use: “Equal through Sports”, and the motto for IOC is: “Citius – Altius – Fortius”.

We hope to receive many good ideas from our members by 15.5.2012. To: The person behind the chosen motto will receive a small prize (100€). The EDSO EC will discuss all the received motto suggestions at its next meeting before EDSO congress 1.-2.6.2012 in Moscow.

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