University of Edinburgh conduct research into deaf athletes’ motivations

15 Jun
15 Jun

UK Deaf Sport has been approached by two MSc students from The University of Edinburgh who are carrying out an exciting piece of research around understanding the experiences that elite deaf athletes have had.

As elite athletes, you’ve dedicated years to developing and mastering your skills and expertise. You’ve gone through intense physical training, persevered through challenges, and competed in high pressure situations.

They would like to know more about your story as there has been little research that shares experiences of deaf athletes:

• How have you made it so far?
• What obstacles have you had to overcome?
• On your journey to elite level, what has really motivated you?

The research aims to raise awareness of these experiences. 

The researchers would like to interview athletes over 18 years of age who qualify for the Deaflympics (from 55db pure tone average in the better ear).

Each study will have a different focus:

Study 1:
The purpose of this study is to investigate how behaviours and communications with your coach(es), parent(s), and peers affect your motivation in your chosen sport.

Motivational climate online survey

Study 2:
This study will look at your motivation to excel at your level, the obstacles you have faced on your journey and what kind of support you received.

Exploring motivation, challenges, and support in deaf sport online survey


You can take part in either of the studies or both of them. The interviews can be done face-to-face or remotely (if needed). Please let the researchers know if you require any communication support.

Your time could really help your sport progress. To register your interest, or if you have any questions, contact Elizabeth (study 1) OR Sonja (study 2).

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