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Adventure Conference puts disability in the spotlight


iDID’s Adaptive Adventure Conference highlights the importance of providing opportunities for disabled people and more importantly, teaches you HOW!

Launched In 2011, iDID Adventure CIC is an award winning social enterprise improving well-being, confidence and self-esteem through access and participation in adventure sports. Specialising in programmes for deaf and disabled individuals, iDID has supported a wide range of people to participate in sports such as rock climbing, skiing, canoeing and wakeboarding.


Since launching, iDID has run a wide variety of events, launched its community clubs and has created resources & training to support instructors. Now working with National Governing Bodies and National Disability Sports Organisation including UK Deaf Sport, iDID is launching its adaptive adventure conference!


iDID’s Adaptive Adventure Conference is to be held on Friday 4th April at Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton. The conference aims to provide practical skills and information to adventure professionals and those working with deaf and disabled individuals, to increase their knowledge and confidence when accessing adaptive adventure sports.

The health benefits of adventure sports are phenomenal and this innovative conference will enable delegates to improve their awareness of the positive effects of adventure sports on the lives of disabled people and provide crucial support in how they can adapt their work.


CEO Susanne Rees is no stranger to the barriers faced. As a deaf and disabled individuals, Susanne has worked with countless professionals and found the same questions were being asked. She commented,


“We get posed with so many questions from adventure professionals about how they can adapt their sports and why should they bother?! This event is our response to that.


The conference is really designed to put deafness and disability on the agenda for organisations and individuals who currently wouldn’t be set up to offer those opportunities. Higher demand is falling on the adventure industry to become more inclusive so this event is designed to facilitate the support, which often isn’t there, for the professionals.”

With informative workshops, inspirational speakers and an adaptive equipment demo, the conference will see plenty of opportunities for professionals to start making their work accessible. The training delivered during the day would usually cost well over £500, this conference provides a unique way to access this vital information for Free.


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