Fund to assist gifted & talented disabled children

Fund to assist gifted & talented disabled children

A national children’s charity is seeking the country’s gifted and talented disabled children to apply for adapted sports equipment.

The “Enable Sport” programme has been launched by Caudwell Children, in partnership with Barclays Wealth, for an initial three month period, to fund adapted sports equipment for disabled children participating in competitive sport. The funding is only available to individuals engaged in competitive sport and is not available to groups, clubs, etc.

Thanks to the donation from Barclays Wealth, children with sporting potential across the UK will receive donations such as individually adapted sports wheelchairs worth around £3,000 and other equipment like hand bike tricycles worth around £1,000.

The ability to supply specially designed sports equipment is a groundbreaking step for the Charity since being founded by John Caudwell in March 2000. Caudwell Children helps change the lives of children by providing direct donations of treatments, therapies and specialist equipment that aim to improve a youngster’s quality of life.

The ‘Enable Sport’ programme will now let the Charity take a step further in helping the lives of youngsters across the UK. By providing the sport specific equipment, they will assist disabled children develop sporting skills and hopefully increase the participation of disabled youngsters in athletic activities at a national even worldwide level.

There is no specified deadline for applications, but it is a limited fund, so anyone interested should apply as soon as possible. This can be done by contacting the charity: by phone on 0845 300 1348, via, or through the website at

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