Help Needed to Gather Research Information

Dear Partners


UK Deaf Sport is embarking on a project to understand the level of research, knowledge and insight that exists on Deaf Sport and Deaf Health inequalities worldwide. By gathering the findings and recommendations into one central place we can help partners and key strategic agencies to understand the needs of deaf people.


In addition to collating what currently exists we are keen to look at new ground-breaking areas of research that we might be able to progress in the coming years adding to the knowledge bank to assist our partners and the sporting/health network with developing strategy.


With this in mind; we would like peoples thoughts on what insight would help your role/organisation in understanding what support is needed to develop deaf people in sport and make their lifestyle healthier


We need you to help us do this by replying to with your comments on the three questions below by Friday 14th March 2014 related to insight into deaf sport, health across education, community and performance sport. Also if you could share a copy or provide a link to where information is currently published?

  1. What research/reports/literature are you aware of?
  2. Details of if you are planning any research?
  3. What research and insight information would be useful to you and/or your organisation?


We will be taking all the information gained from this consultation and cross referencing it with existing data to achieve two objectives

  1. Identify data or studies that would help address your needs
  2. Identify gaps and priorities in relation to the needs of partners for new research and develop a strategy to address these gaps in the short to medium term.


Your support in this process will be greatly beneficial not just to UK Deaf Sport but to all those involved in Sport and Physical Activity provision. We will be making all findings available to key partners following the completion of this project and maybe able to work with partners to address gaps in knowledge in the future. I am sure you can see the importance of pulling this together and helping to develop as comprehensive a picture as possible to build on in the future.


Thank you in advance for any support that you are able to give

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