ICSD gives Winter Deaflympics deadline to Slovakia

Watch a video of this message in sign language.

The text of the message received from Craig Crowley, ICSD President, on behalf of the ICSD Board is below:

ICSD wishes to make our member nations aware of the serious situation in Slovakia. They won the hosting status at Melbourne ICSD Congress in 2005 and were expected to plan and prepare for the hosting of 17th Winter Deaflympics in High Tatras, Slovakia in February 2011.

Following the Site Inspection Visit to Slovak Deaflympic Organising Committee in Štrbské Pleso in January of this year ICSD was concerned at their serious lack of logistical planning and preparation and available finances with twelve months to go. Therefore ICSD had to impose the three conditions (yellow card) with an expectation that they must achieve these three conditions by 28th February 2010.

One condition was that ICSD had selected Peter Chudý as Chief Operating Officer to oversee the Organising Committee to ensure that all logistical planning and preparations are completed on time and all conditions ordered by ICSD are followed. Peter is currently Director of High Tatras Tourist Board and sat on the Committee of Slovakia Olympic Bid a few years ago. He is well respected within the Slovakian Sport.

The second condition was that Slovak Deaflympic Organising Committee had to finally produce the entire detailed logistics plan within one month but ICSD wished to view the finances first before reviewing all these plans.

The third and final condition was that Deaflympic Organising Committee was supposed to produce: i) written Bank Statement/Confirmation of minimum 2 million euro available in the Bank Account which did not take place and ii) Full Budget Plan outlining income and expenditure for 2011 Winter Deaflympics (including contingency arrangements). Both did not take place as directed.

However, ICSD President paid visit to Slovakia on March 15th to meet with new Chief Operating Officer, Peter Chudý, Mayors Sykora and Mokos and the Organising Committee. It was confirmed that they did not comply with the third condition and both Mayors and Chief Operating Officer felt obliged to appeal to ICSD to offer the Organising Committee and Jaromir Ruda one last solution to come up with the guarantees for the finances.

Despite the positive intentions of Peter Chudý and two Mayors  ICSD now demand full and final compilation of the conditions by Friday 9th April 2010 otherwise ICSD shall have no alternative but to withdraw its support and commitment to Slovak Deaflympic Organising Committee with immediate effect.

Unfortunately this will have undesired effect on 2011 Winter Deaflympics itself and particularly with over 500 athletes bidding to take part in the 17th Winter Games in 5 main sports. We will continue to search for alternative solutions, if any of our members know of any potential opportunities to host the 2011 Winter Deaflympics the ICSD Board would be pleased to receive such information.

A video clip of this announcement will be distributed within the next week.  Thank you.

For more information on the Deaflympics, please visit www.deaflympics.com.

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