ICSD: Olympic legacy should inspire Deaf athletes

Craig Crowley, President of the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf (ICSD) has released a positive statement on how the recent Olympics can inspire Deaf sportspeople.
Craig believes that deaf athletes should look to those who took part in the London Olympics for inspiration. He also highlights a clear aim for the future – the showcasing of Deaf sports at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Craig’s message in full:
“To all ICSD members and associate members:
“Over the last few weeks it has been great to share some of the truly amazing moments of the London Olympics 2012 so far.
“The world’s sporting heroes, with their single-minded determination to succeed, offer inspiration to every Deaf Sport leader and athlete trying to succeed against the odds. Among them, we should salute the success of deaf Olympians, including newly-crowned Olympic basketball champion Tamika Catchings of the USA.
“There have been many great examples of advice and wisdom and I have Tweeted my own thoughts (please don’t forget you can follow me on @ICSDPresident). Anyhow I picked one of my favourite quotes from a 4 time Olympian, the late Jackie Joyner-Kersee who actually said, “It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret”.
“It is truly a great advice, particularly at such challenging times ahead for Deaflympics which is why we have enlisted a prominent legal sport agency to produce a detailed and robust contract agreement for the next three Deaflympics (Sofia, Bulgaria 2013; Ankara, Turkey 2017 and Winter Deaflympics 2015) and as well as delivering consultation package of our ICSD Governance Review, so as to make sure we are all fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.
“The other great source of inspiration of the Olympic Games has been the central role played by athletes themselves. They have been training extremely hard over the last four years to simply to prepare themselves for this unique event, just like our own Deaflympic athletes!
“Some of them are discovering the joys of competing in the prestigious Olympics for the first time, and it will be our job to show Deaf athletes just how vital it is to make them more visible part of their sporting lives.
“That would truly be a great Deaflympic Movement from an inspirational Olympic legacy that we should strive by focusing on our recognition in the years to come by parading of at least up to two Deaflympic sporting disciplines earmarked for at the next Rio Olympics 2016!
“ICSD urges all its members, athletes and sports friends to rejoice by helping to modernise ICSD organisation itself and push for important recognition of Deaflympics. Social media is key to make it all visible for Deaf athletes worldwide!”
For more information on the ICSD, please visit their official site at www.deaflympics.com .
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