ICSD statement on 2011 Winter Deaflympics

The statement is in full, below.

“Following a brief statement on Slovakia situation by ICSD President in March , the ICSD Board have had discussed extremely long and hard about the events that took place between 28 February 2010 and 27 April 2010 and whether the actions of the Slovakia Deaflympic Organizing Committee have led to meeting the three conditions as imposed by ICSD for the success of the actual progress of the 2011 Winter Deaflympics.

“Since then ICSD had granted four (4) extended deadlines to the Slovakia Organizing Committee since 28th February 2010 as to allow them to meet the third condition which was to show the evidence of bank statement of 2 million Euros together. Unfortunately the Slovakia Deaflympic Organising Committee was still unable to meet this requirement as of 5th May 2010.

“Due to the time constraints in the lead up to February 2011 preparations ICSD feels they cannot continue to extend any more deadlines. The ICSD Board had no choice but to put in vote of no confidence in the Slovakia Deaflympic Organizing Committee. Regrettably, a red-carded letter was sent to Slovakia Deaflympic Organising Committee on 6th May 2010 to confirm that the 17th Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia has been cancelled.

“This is extremely unfortunate situation for Winter Deaf Sports globally. The Slovakia Deaflympic Organising Committee has to bear the heavy consequence for not being able to raise funds and standards they had promised for the last five years since the bid was won in Melbourne on 4 January 2005.”

Craig A. Crowley MBE


On behalf of ICSD Board

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