ICSD Winter Deaflympics Inspection

ICSD wishes to inform its member countries that CEO Tiffany Granfors will make a 3rd, and final, site inspection in Slovakia–focusing on their preparedness to host the upcoming Winter Deaflympics in February 2011.

This trip–scheduled for next week–is beyond the usual one site inspection typically necessary to confirm a country’s readiness to host a Deaflympics. This visit is necessary in order to ensure that logistics are in place for the Games–including hotel, ice hockey and curling venues, and transportation, among others.

The host committee has also been having difficulty, to date, in securing necessary funding to pull off a successful Winter Deaflympics.

A final decision will be made by November 30th regarding the status of the 2011 Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia. ICSD always strives to ensure the best Games experience for its participants and fans and will therefore continue to work hard with the Slovakian hosts to see that nothing less than the best is offered.

Craig A Crowley MBE


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