Junior European Kickboxing Champion

A fantastic achievement by 9-year-old Limerick from Scarbourgh, North Yorkshire who is bilaterally moderately deaf, is now the European kickboxing champion of her category.

Having qualified last year to represent England in the world and European championships she has come leaps and bounds in her sport.

Over the weekend of 21 August at the Metrodome Arena, young Limerick, a 2 times British kickboxer champion, competed in the juniors championship at the World Kickboxing Organisation European championships and took home gold in her category of girls between the ages of 9-11 years and 35.1kg to 40kg .

To assist Limerick during these competitions, her coaches use a Roger Mike radio aid system to help her hear their instructions whilst out competing. Currently she trains at two kickboxing clubs, one called Silver Wolf kickboxing and at KCMA-Kris Crump Martial Arts

Both Limerick and her sister Lilly-Anne who is also deaf, are a great inspiration for other young children in competitive sport. Showing that being deaf does not stop your child’s ability in being able to join in on contact sports, compete and win.

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