Mike Webster

All of us at UK Deaf Sport are saddened by the news of Mike Webster’s passing on the 26th November 2021.

His contributions to Deaf Sport for the past 50 years has been many. The dedication and passion he has shown towards deaf sports has had a long lasting impact on the landscape. Here are some notable Deaf sporting achievements Mike has achieved over the years. 

As a young man back in the 1970’s, he led Luton Deaf Rangers football team to the British Deaf Sport Council (BDSC) Football Challenge cup final. This was very impressive since they were recently formed at the time and did not have the vast amount of experience that the other teams had at the time.

Mike was a former director of British Deaf Sport Council which is now called British Deaf Sport heritage. He was known at being very good at setting up and organising new and exciting events, such as the BDSA trip to Australia for a series of sporting challenges. He also founded the home nations of Deaf bowls and organised the World Bowls Championship in Wales.

Throughout the years Mike raised funds for deaf sports though fundraising events such as cycling from Cambridge to Oxford and doing collections at supermarkets throughout the country, to ensure that the next generation of deaf athletes get to experience sport and Deaflympics. Most notably his involvement in the 2005 Melbourne Deaflympics in supporting the GB team.

In 2020 Mike was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by Deaf Sport Personality of the year. 

Our thoughts and condolences are with Mike family and friends during this time. Mike has been a wonderful ambassador for Deaf sport and will be missed greatly.

From the Board, Honorary Members, and Staff at UK Deaf Sport.


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