New documentary from BSL Zone – Found in Sport

Three people, three sports, three stories! 

Found in Sport is a short bio-documentary by BSL Zone focusing on three deaf people who found the deaf community through their love for sport. Rajeev Bagga, Gemma Sanders and Martin Anderson tell us about how joining Deaf sports teams changed their lives, introducing them to sign language, international tournaments and a new sense of identity. 

Watch Found in Sport documentary from BSL Zone 

UK Deaf Sport Honorary President, Craig Crowley, said:

“As UKDS Honorary President, I applaud BSLBT (British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust) for producing the ‘Found in Sport’ documentary, featuring Rajeev Bagga (GB Badminton), Gemma Sanders (GB Deaf Football) and Martin Anderson (England Deaf Golf).

“I am sure that many Deaf athletes who have competed at the Deaflympics, world championships and other elite events will empathise with the stories of Gemma, Martin and Rajeev, who describe finding themselves through sport.

“It was fascinating to watch Rajeev, Gemma and Martin share their thoughts from their formative years as they grew up in Hearing world and how they eventually discovered their identity in the Deaf world.

I would like to congratulate Rajeev, Gemma and Martin. You have been fantastic role models and have made UK Deaf Sport, GB Deaflympics, National Deaf Sport Federations (GB Deaf Football, GB Deaf Badminton & England Deaf Club) incredibly proud of your journeys and accomplishments!

Long may you continue to enjoy the sports which have helped you so much!”

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