New ICSD Technical Directors

UKDS would like to congratulate all new and returning Technical Directors. UKDS will be making it a priority over the coming months to open communications with the newly appointed TD’s to ensure that the position and progress of UKDS is understood and that we are as always keen to developclose ties with the International organisations theat govern deaf sport.
Athletics Richard Pearce
Badminton Martin Bogard
Basketball Jurgen Endress
Beach Volleyball John Knetzger
Bowling TBA
Cycling Roan & Mountain Bike Ralph Fernandez
Football Christof Niklaus
Handball Samet Demirtas
Judo Damien Antoine
Karate Francesco Faraone
Orienteering Marek Mir-Mackiewicz
Shooting Mac Adam
Swimming Reed Gershwind
Table Tennis Horst-Peter Scheffel
Taekwondo TBA
Tennis Tobias Burz
Volleyball Cathy Schelvis
Wrestling Free Style & Greco-Roman Grigor Grigoryan
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