“Same Spirit Different Team” Deaflympic Book

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The Deaflympics is the oldest Disability Sport Movement in the world yet it appears to be left out of the sporting echelons.

This poses a very significant question, if the Deaflympics are part of the Olympic family, then why are they not on a par with the Paralympics nowadays?

‘Same Spirit, Different Team’ provides the reader with a comprehensive review of the role of people with disabilities in the world of sport. To date, there has been a serious shortage of sports policy literature, which outlines the real struggles for consensus, power, and clarity of purpose within and between federations, internal dynamics and contested power struggles within the Deaflympic Movement, and challenges with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee.

This is a must-read if you are committed to equality in sport, physical education and physical activity and want to understand the frustrations and tackle the barriers, of traditionalism and isolationism of “mainstream” sport organisations, who, for the most part, continue to resist much needed change. It also ideal if you are looking for positive examples of “good practice” for Deaf athletes and change that will contribute to improvements for other large-scale events and programmes within the sport movement

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