Simmons steps down as UKDS President

It’s the end of an era as Derek Simmons, who has been President of UK Deaf Sport (UKDS), the governing body of deaf sport, since its founding in 2003, retired from the role on 28 February.
 Derek Simmons  Derek remarked:

“I am thankful for the opportunities UKDS has given me during my time with the organisation and thoroughly enjoyed making new contacts and have had great satisfaction in taking on the challenges given to me.
“With the recent links with Sport England and the funding received, UKDS is now in a stronger position to make its mark in the UK sporting arena.
“UKDS must continue to work hard to build upon this and open the door to more funding in the years to come.
“I look forward to seeing UKDS’ achievements in the coming years.”
UKDS Chair Philip Gerrard commented:
“Since 2003, Derek has contributed immesely to our development. In some organisations, a President can be a token figure but that has absolutely not been the case with Derek.
“He has given us a huge amount of time and expertise and applied a tremendous sense of duty to his role, which we can only admire.”
Vice Chair Stuart Harrison also paid tribute, saying
“Derek has shown tremendous loyalty to UKDS, especially in some lean times. We have valued and seen the tremendous passion and commitment that he has made to Deaf sport.”
UKDS will now start the search for a new Honorary President, to follow Derek’s work and achievements.
If you would like to send your good wishes to Derek, please use our Contact Us form  and we will pass your message on.
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