Sport Science Update

Welcome to the Sports Science Committee, which is part of UK Deaf Sport.

The Sports Science Committee is made up of experts focusing on sports medical, physiology and nutrition, and anti-doping issues, and is chaired and led by Josef Baines. These high level experts come from sports academic, medicine and legal backgrounds with a lot of experience in handling wide range of issues at elite sports level. These high quality experts would be developing and implementing three distinct national projects over the next five years to help Deaf athletes and coaches improve their sports performance for European and international competitions, and Deaflympic Games.

The anti-doping project focuses on raising anti-doping awareness within the Deaf sports community throughout the UK. Further, the other two projects, medical support, and performance and nutrition, will focus on enhancing Deaf athletes’ performance, ensuring that they are medically well looked after, and ensuring that they consume correct types of nutrition prior to, during, and after competitions. We will ensure the support we will provide to Deaf athletes will meet their language and educational needs.

The three projects will be implemented soon once funding is secured, and we will keep you informed via this website

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