Sports Science course a success

On Saturday 13 April, UKDS’ Sports Science Committee, in conjunction with the GB Deaflympic Organising Committee and UK Anti Doping, ran its first all-day sports science and medicine training course for deaf athletes, coaches and parents.
The training session covered three key areas:
  1. anti doping,
  2. human performance
  3. sports injury management.
The aim of the day was to educate all course participants to become more aware and informed of sports science issues and legislation, and to help prepare athletes for the upcoming Deaflympic Games in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The training courses were delivered by:
  • Dr Mark Russell of the University of Northumbria and UKDS Sports Science Committee (human performance)
  • Darren Ford and Melanie Wright of UK Anti Doping (anti doping)
  • Brendon Hall of Virgin Health and GB Deaflympic Medical Team (sports injury management).
UKDS Sports Science Committee Chair, Josef Baines, commented:
 Josef Baines at the course
“The day went fantastically well and most people enjoyed the courses. Nearly 80% of participants felt the courses were excellent and crucial to their sporting developments, and the trainers should take credit for their hard work.
“We want to ensure that athletes, parents and coaches have the necessary knowledge and tools to take home and take their sport to a higher level.

“Furthermore, we wanted to give them the tools to create a winning culture and attitude to make Great Britain one of the best countries in the world at elite level.”

The day was so successful that 80% of the course participants would like another training session from the Sports Science Committee.
Participants’ comments included:
  • “I have learned lots and found the courses very interesting”
  • “The information was really helpful and useful”
  • “All of the workshops were pitched at the right level, very informative and we have learnt a huge amount.”
UKDS would like to thank Ms Christine Envis of the English Federation of Disability Sport for allowing us to use their training rooms at SportsPark, Loughborough University.
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