Sports Science

About the Sports Science Committee

The UK Deaf Sport Sports Science Committee (SSC) was established in October 2011 and consists of sport scientists, university academics and medical experts working together to establish performance-enhancing sports science support for deaf athletes in the UK.

Barriers and lack of performance knowledge are currently encountered by deaf athletes and this has restricted their effective sporting progression to elite sport.

The SSC was formed to provide national leadership, advice and guidance for all National Deaf Sport Organisations and NGBs for their future work by establishing sports science support infrastructure, processes, procedures and systems to help deaf athletes achieve world-class performance standards.

The UKDS SSC has produced these guides for reference:

Performance and physiology articles

Fitness testing


Recovery methods



Training aerobic capacity

Warming up

Youth resistance training

Sports injury articles

Ankle sprains

Knee sprains

Soft tissue knee injuries

Wrist sprains

Reaching Potential

UK Deaf Sport aims to enable Deaf people to reach their full potential in sport. We work to increase opportunities by working in partnerships with key organisations to create a sporting future that is DEAFinitely Inclusive from grassroots through to Elite level Sport.