Summer Virtual Challenges

We at UK Deaf Sport are launching not one but two summer virtual challenges this August!

You can choose either the family challenge where you’ll receive a calendar of activities to do every day, from the floor is lava to an egg and spoon race. You’ll receive stickers with the calendar to commemorate each completed challenge and a frisbee in the pack too! Once done, send us a photo of your achievement and we’ll bestow upon you a certificate of congratulations.

Or do you fancy taking a more Olympian challenge? Just like the Olympics, try and aim for gold in our summer challenge! There are three levels, Bronze is 31 miles, Silver is 62 miles and lastly gold is a staggering 124 miles. You can run, bike, walk or any other activity of your choosing to complete this epic summer challenge. Every medal will come along with a t-shirt and a certificate of your achievement.  

Why not support a charity while being active at the same time, sign up to your challenge today here.

UK Deaf sports is leading the way in the sport and activity sector to ensure deaf people are able to participate throughout their lives without barriers.

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