Take up a sport and be active for life!

After a summer packed full of sport, the English Federation of Disability Sport and the National Disability
Sport Organisations – of which UKDS is one – are working together to ensure all disabled people can be active for life.
National Disability Sport Organisations (NDSOs) provide opportunities for people with specific impairments to take part in, as well as offer advice and support.
For many disabled people, the NDSOs are the starting point to get involved in sport and if they choose to develop their talent.
If you are a deaf person looking to get involved in sport, contact us now, with details of the sport you would like to play or help out with.  We will do our best to put you in touch with one of our member organisations.
NDSOs also support National Governing Bodies of sport to deliver more inclusive programmes. Each NDSO
has an appointed advisor to look after the Inclusive Sport programme, who are supported by EFDS.
The person carrying out this role for UK Deaf Sport is Lee Dolby. Lee can be contacted on T: 01905 746301 Ext 322 or E: leed@ukds.org.uk.
EFDS say:
“There are so many sports on offer, at various locations and levels. You do not have to be a talented athlete
to enjoy sport. With so many participation opportunities on offer, everyone can find a sport or activity of
their choice.
“The NDSOs and EFDS support any disabled person, who wants to be active. We have produced a quick information guide to the NDSOs and the impairment group they support.
“More information on the Inclusive Sport programme is available at the EFDS website. If you run and event, you can add it event to the EFDS listing by visiting the Post your event page.”
For weekly activities, add them on the DotComUnity website: www.dotcomunity.co.uk.  DotComUnity is a partner of EFDS.
To contact one of the other National Disability Sport Organisation, see the list below:
EFDS contacts for further information
Ray Ashley, Partnership Manager (NDSOs),
rashley@efds.co.uk , 07764 291663
Sarah Marl, Marketing and Communications Manager
smarl@efds.co.uk  07764 291671
For more information on EFDS please visit www.efds.co.uk
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