UK Deaf Sport Christmas Newsletter

A message from Piers Martin, Chair at UK Deaf Sport

With the end of the year fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to look back at the year for UK Deaf Sport. We are grateful for the support of Sport England, whose funding has allowed us to support and enable more deaf children, young people and adults to get involved in sport and physical activity. This year we have also expanded our funding streams which will allow us to do more to grow the number of deaf people who are able to get active, and support others to do the same. We continue to support our deaf sports abroad and have enjoyed hearing news about our successes in international tournaments and championships. We also look forward to supporting events such as the World Deaf Golf Championships next year. 

A huge thank you to our members, and to each and every one of the volunteers who support UK Deaf Sport in so many ways, many who do so behind the scenes. I also want to recognise those of you who have supported us by donating or fundraising. UK Deaf Sport wouldn’t be here today without your support, so thank you. 

We are looking forward to 2020 and working towards our vision of every deaf person active and inspired by sport and physical activity. 

On behalf of the UK Deaf Sport team I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


UK Deaf Sport – 2019 Highlights

Hello there,

I’m Valerie and I’ve been working for UK Deaf Sport for three years. We have had a good year carrying out a number of different projects and activities.

I am the only staff member so I am always so grateful for all the support our volunteers and partners have given me and the programmes over the year.  It was hard to pick out which were the 2019 highlights to share in this newsletter. If you have any questions about the following programmes or would like to find out more do contact me at

Enjoy reading some of the areas UK Deaf Sport has been working on this year and here is an exciting year for Deaf Sport in 2020. 


Executive Director, UK Deaf Sport 

Supporting Oomph and their key workers in care homes and the community

UK Deaf Sport partnered with SENSE and British Blind Sport to support Oomph in developing their training around sensory impairments for their key workers. This included direct guidance given to the learning and development of the key workers and also within the workshop ‘strength and balance’. 

During January – June 2019 we know: ▪ 143 Oomph instructors have received this training ▪ 83 Oomph venues are delivering the ‘Strength and balance’ session reaching out to 1,328 participants (average age of 74 across the groups)

UK Deaf Sport will continue to work with Oomph to measure and evaluate this session content and the impact made with this work. 

Transform Foundation 

UK Deaf Sport successfully received funding from the Transform Foundation to create a new website for the organisation. We will work with members and partners to make sure that the content is relevant and accessible to all. We will make sure that all pages are updated and that those sports who have signed up to our membership scheme are engaged with so that we can reflect any news and information they would like to share through our website.  

New opportunities through Comic Relief funding 

Earlier in the year we received fantastic news that our application for a two-year social integration programme had been accepted. The programme part funded by Comic Relief and Greater London Authority will support and engage deaf children, young people and adults in sport and physical activity across London. We will deliver a number of outreach sessions; training events and set up sport clubs working with key partners Street Games and Access Sport. This programme will start in January 2020. 

Partner spotlight: British Gymnastics 

Following the success of developing an online resource of gymnastic specific signs for coaches last year we worked with the Disability team to deliver a training session for 30 young apprentices becoming coaches in Gymnastics. Really positive feedback was given by both the Apprentices and their instructors. Other areas of work this year includes working together on an online training course for coaches and volunteers to access information on how to make sure their activities are inclusive to deaf children, young people and adults. We are looking forward to continuing our work with them. 

World Deaf Golf Championships 2020

Everyone here at UK Deaf Sport is really excited and looking forward to the World Deaf Golf Championships taking place 7th – 15th August 2020. We continue to support and play an integral role on the Local Organising Committee. In particular we are leading on the legacy programme for the championships and have plans to deliver support and training sessions to golf clubs in and around the area and also events to engage the Deaf community to try Golf and also support the event. For more information about the championships have a look at:

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