UK Deaf Sport Launch Deafcember

You may be aware of Stoptober and Movember well we now have our own fun focused fundraising month called Deafcember.

Currently just 10.8% of the deaf people are accessing sports activity. Much lower than those with other disabilities.

This does not mean that deaf people do not enjoy sport, it is more a reflection on the amount of opportunities available to them. Creating more opportunities to do sport and physical activity helps people develop friendships and have fun as well as get fitter and more active.

So this festive season why not do your bit to help increase opportunities and run your Deafcember Party, Promote it on your Facebook and tweet about it using #deafcember.

Deafcember is about having fun with friends and raising funds for a good cause.

To find out how you can get involved Click here

All the funds raised will be used directly to help deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages access a sport that they enjoy and supporting our talented athletes to compete

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