UK Deaf Sport Position Statement on People Place Play Inclusive Sport Fund

UK Deaf Sport Position statement for the People, Places Play Inclusive Sport Fund

UK Deaf Sport has held a number of consultation events following the exciting announcement of a dedicated £8m funding programme by Sport England aimed at increasing Sporting participation by people with a disability.

UK Deaf Sport has taken great care in considering how this opportunity can benefit the deaf community and what approach it will take as an organisation to ensure that resource are secured to address the barriers that still exist for the Deaf people to engage with Sport.

As we have recently received £281,974 from Sport England to drive forward an Inclusive Sport Project and are currently going through a process of governance review. We have realised that as the recognised strategic lead agency for Deaf Sport in the UK our efforts and resources would be best placed by working collaboratively with interested partner organisations to provide expertise, engagement and endorsement to their applications and empower them to drive forward on project that will provide opportunities at a local level.

Following recent consultation events we are particularly keen to support projects that aim to address the key issues coming out of the consultation of creation, promotion and marketing local opportunities, training and education for both deaf and hearing workforce and meaningful sustainable exit routes into deaf friendly clubs and events. By taking this approach we will be able to maintain our focus on what is most needed at the current time to ensure that UK Deaf Sport, as an organisation, continues to flourish, and strengthen the governance structures of deaf sport whilst still ensure that access and opportunities still increase for every deaf person.

If anyone is interested in, or currently considering a bid that aims to provide opportunity for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-blind and Deafened people please contact

Lee Dolby the National Inclusive Sport Advisor for UK Deaf Sport on or call 07850 796241

For more information about UK Deaf Sport visit our website at

for more information on the fund visit

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