UK Deaf Sport position update

As part of its Annual Governance Review, UKDS has identified some key policies that it aims to develop, update and improve upon. This is to help ensure that deaf people are able to support and participate in sport and physical activity in a safe, effective and child friendly environment.

The safety of our members and partners is key to everything we do at UK Deaf Sport. UK Deaf Sport will work and seek advice when relevant from key partners and national organisations, where relevant. We will continue our work around this into the early start of 2018.

We want our participants to not only feel the benefits but have a positive experience throughout their participation within the sport and physical activity of their choice.

UK Deaf Sport does not tolerate any forms of prejudice or bullying whether this be face to face or through digital media. UK Deaf Sport signs up to the Code of Governance and aims to provide a clear and transparent complaints and whistleblowing process through which anyone can raise any issue in a safe and comfortable manner. We recognise our duty of care and responsibility to our members and partners and will ensure that this area of work is and continues to be a priority for us going forward.

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