UK Deaf Sport response to ICSD Changes

Since ICSD’s announcement regarding staff changes and office relocation on 9thJanuary 2014  Philip Gerrard, Chair of UKDS, has had discussions with our international counterparts.  Following these discussions a communication has been sent to ICSD from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, and Switzerland to glean the following information:

  1. Given the increase in funding from the IOC why have Mr Mark Cooper (CEO of ICSD) &Ms Roanna Simmons (Operations Manager of ICSD) had their contracts terminated?Their knowledge and skills will be a great loss.  Also given the short time scales have the correct legal procedures been followed.
  2. How has the relocation of the offices to Russia been decided, and what are the implications of this sudden move to the organisation?
  3. How has the appointment of Mr Dmitry Rebrov, from the National Association of the Deaf of the Russian Federation, to the post of Manager of the ICSD Secretariat Office been approved?

UKDS will provide updates as information becomes available. We realise these decisions have caused apprehension on a global scale; however we are being reserved in our concerns until all the facts are known.  UKDS are aware of the impact these decisions have; on deaf sport domestically, and the ongoing struggle we face to participate at Olympic level.  We will endeavour to keep ourselves at the forefront of the information to ensure deaf sport is protected.

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