UK Deaf Sport take action to address Deafist abuse in sport

UK Deaf Sport condemns deafist chanting by Largs Thistle fans at Deaf footballer.


UK Deaf Sport Chair Philip Gerrard and Vice Chair Stuart Harrison have both condemned the abusive chanting aimed at Philip John Dolan when he opened the scoring for Kilsyth in the match against Largs Thistle.


Despite complaints by UKDS and other deaf organisations the problem keeps rearing its head and Harrison is angry that the regularity of such abuse is worrying for Deaf sport.


“ I condemn the abuse that Dolan suffered in last Saturdays Scottish Cup encounter with Largs Thistle.” Harrison said.


‘It is unacceptable and concerning that deaf people have to endure recurrences of abuse in sport. I have read that the chanting was so extreme that some of the Kilsyth fans have threatened not to go and watch the replay.”


“We need the Scottish FA and all Home country FA’s to take appropriate action and we will be writing to them to make a formal complaint and asking for a full investigation. We call upon the SFA and FA to do more to combat the problem”


‘Unfortunately, this problem is not only related to inappropriate behaviour of spectators but match officials also discriminate against deaf players as Dolan, who plays for the GB Deaf Football team, was sent off in 2012 for celebrating a goal after he didn’t hear the referees whistle.’ said UKDS Chair Philip Gerrard.


“We agree with Kilsyth Supporters Club that this type of abuse is on the level of racial abuse.” Said Harrison, who said that UKDS will also be writing to the referees association to highlight the issue and seek their support.


This incident comes one year after deaf footballer Daniel Ailey was abuse when playing for Potters Bar Town.

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