UK Deaf Sport Update

Yesterday (22nd September 2020), the Government announced new restrictions linked to the spread of Covid-19. Please find below more information provided following this update.

The government’s announcements mean some changes for grassroots sport and leisure activities and included a new restriction to have a maximum of 6 people taking part in ‘adult indoor team sport’.

What does this mean?

· The restriction only applies to those aged 18 and over participating in ‘adult indoor Team Sport’

· We are also seeking clarification from Sport England and DCMS on how the rule of 6 would be applied to adults participating in sport and physical activities

· Going to the gym and fitness classes will still be allowed to continue for over 6 people as long as there is no interaction or mingling between individual groups of 6

· Outdoor sports and activities played formally and under government approved guidance can carry on.

What we are doing?

We will continue to work with clubs and delivery providers to ensure that information and guidance is shared. We will also work closely with our deaf sports to ensure that they are supported through this.

We appreciate there may be further clarification required and we will work to provide further guidance as soon as possible.

We are asking all deaf clubs and sports to keep following the guidance provided by the Government, individual national governing bodies and Sport England to ensure that safe delivery of activity is maintained and that we can collectively continue to work to help contain the spread of the virus.

We will continue to monitor the updates and experiences had around face masks being used within the sport and physical activity sector, the barriers raised and how to work with organisations and individuals to break these down safely and within government guidance.

We would like to thank all volunteers, staff, providers and Deaf participants for their continued great work in helping to rebuild sport following lockdown, and for continuing to follow the guidance provided.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have.

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