UK Deaf Sport UPDATE

UK Deaf Sport Team just want to update you on some of the work and meetings that we have been involved with recently to reassure our members that we are working hard on your behalf.

UK Deaf Sport represents all deaf sports in the UK on the All Party Group on Disability Sport, this is a new forum consisting of the Home Country Disability Sport Federations and their members, of which UKDS covers deaf sport in the UK.

At the last meeting which saw a presentation by the GB Paralympics, we was pleased to hear all other organisations state that not enough was being done to address the needs of deaf sport. As a result of this, we are now working to hold a meeting to focus on the needs of deaf sport and what the Home Country Federations need to do.

Further to this, we are also in communications with Sir Keith Mills, who has been tasked with overseeing the merger between UK Sport and Sport England. We are in constant communications with Sir keith to ensure that Deaf sport is considered when the merger takes place.
What is encouraging is to hear organisations now use the phrase “Deaf & Disabled sport” because this highlights the differentials in need.
Stuart Harrison (Trustee and Vice Chair) has been invited by Jeremy Hunt (Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport) to represent Deaf sport at the DCMS Disability Sport Summit in April and will be lobbying to ensure that key decision makers are considering deaf sport beyond 2012.

Using our grant from Sport England, we have appointed a consultant (Sport Structures) to work with us over the next three months to fine tune our business plans, fund-raising plans and membership programmes in order that we can become stronger in ensuring that our members get what they need.

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