UK Deaf Sport’s progress recognised by a further 3 years funding

UK Deaf Sport’s progress recognised by a further 3 years funding

UK Deaf Sport are pleased to announce that in recognition of our fantastic work over the past three years Sport England have agreed to fund UK Deaf Sport for a further 3 years until 2017. These funds are to continue our work increasing opportunities for deaf people to get involved in sport as a player, coach or volunteer.

This latest investment of £365K is a considerable increase on the funds provided in 2011 and will be used to continue the successful development of our DEAFinitely Inclusive network programme. This programme, which has been established in the past year across the North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire, can now be rolled out in further areas across the country. The funds will also be used to increase the level of information and awareness around sensory sport in a ground breaking joint partnership project with British Blind Sport. It is hoped that through this additional resource we will be able to increase the communication and information flow across the country and ensure that we are effectively mapping activity, partners, and gaps in provision so that action can be taken to address any areas of improvement identified.

On receiving the news of the funding Lee Dolby, Director of Development, said “This is a great day for the development of deaf sport. For too long we have had inconsistent funding and resources that has slowed down development. This will mean that we will now have a stable period of time where we have the resources and the skills to create change. Although there are still some challenges around the funding of deaf sport and the recognition specifically of the need for elite level investment, today should be a day to smile and recognise how far we have come in such a short space of time.” He went on to say “I really believe that the continued development of the DEAFinitely Inclusive Networks are strengthening the sporting structure as a whole and are now starting to result in increased opportunities for deaf people at a local level. Over the next three years we will be able to expand this further so that deaf communities in other areas can benefit from the work we are doing with some fantastically supportive partners.”

Philip Gerard, Chair of UK Sport, said “We are encouraged by this investment which will ensure that we can see through our current strategic plan. Having the consistent period of funding will allow us to develop the next 4 year plan and further our vision for deaf sport.  I am looking forward to the process and challenges that we will face moving forward.” Philip finished by saying “The team that we are building here with staff, volunteers and trustees are working hard to create a world class system for deaf sport and ensure that deaf people are able to achieve their full potential in sport and this grant is recognition and reward for all their hard work. I continue to be proud to be leading the organisation through this period that has seen such progress and change.”

to read Sport England Press release about the funding click here

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