UKDS asks Cameron not to exclude deaf sport

UKDS Chair Philip Gerrard has written to British Prime Minister David Cameron, saying that a lack of funding is causing deaf athletes to be left on the sidelines.
In the letter, Philip congratulates the PM on the successful Olympic Games in London but points out that the UK cannot be a truly inclusive sporting nation if deaf sport is not properly funded.
With the Deaflympic Games in Sofia, Bulgaria less than a year away, the letter highlights the glaring difference between the UK and other nations (e.g. Russia and Ukraine) which fund all their elite athletes, regardless of disability.
The letter describes how private funding was able to help send a British team to the last Deaflympics in 2009 and asks the Prime Minister to take positive action to
” to address our plight and ultimately, inspire over 200 aspiring GB Deaf athletes and officials in their preparations for the Summer Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria, next year and for the future. “
Similar letters were also sent to Lord Moynihan, outgoing President of the BOA and Andy Hunt. the BOA’s Chief Executive.
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