UKDS Statement on ICSD News

To all our friends in sport,

Following the recent releases by the ICSD and various media reports announcing the house arrest of Valery Rukhledev on suspicion of embezzlement, UK Deaf Sport (Great Britain) wish to express their deep concern.

We agree with our friends in Australia that the ICSD needs to be given the time and space to be able to receive information transparently and fairly and to investigate into this matter. However, we urge the ICSD to act swiftly and appropriately.

UK Deaf Sport are committed to protecting the integrity of sport, and wish to prevent this matter from bringing Deaf Sport and the Deaflympics into disrepute.

We acknowledge the appointment of Mr. Kang Chen as Acting ICSD President and welcome this news. We very much hope that the Acting President and the Executive Board will work quickly to stabilise the ICSD with the support from its members.

This issue has highlighted some key concerns and we ask that in order to protect the reputation of Deaf Sport and the Deaflympics and to maintain transparency, the following issues are addressed as part of the ICSD’s investigation:

1. The accounts of the ICSD.

2. Any contractual arrangements between the ICSD and VOG (All All-Russian Society of the Deaf) outlining division and protection from perceived and actual conflicts of interest.

3. Demonstration of ICSD’s commitment to protection of data, including without limitation the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Communication of ICSD’s Strategic Plan, specifically actions to deliver high standards of governance and provide transparency to all members and their athletes.

5. UK Deaf Sport wish for ICSD to reassure us, so we can in turn provide confidence to athletes in Great Britain of the integrity and transparency in the all activity of the ICSD.

Yours in sport,

Craig Crowley
President, UK Deaf Sport (Great Britain)

Piers Martin
Chair, UK Deaf Sport (Great Britain)

UKDS Statement on ICSD News 29.05.18

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