Update on ICSD Situation

Since our website announcement on 23rd January where we reported on communication sent to ICSD on concerns with regard their staff changes and office relocation, ICSD has made a response to our concerns. ICSD have stressed that they have followed correct procedures in reaching the decision to terminate staff contracts and appointing Mr Rebrov as the new Manager. They further went on to say that those decisions were driven by the dire financial situation. ICSD confirmed that the secretariat office remains in USA


I as Chair of UKDS, has worked tirelessly since receiving the response to liaise with several international federations to consider the comments made by ICSD president and feel that we still require further assurances and clarification on the issue as we still have grave concerns about the process and the direction that ICSD is now appear to be taking.


Following those discussions a further communication has been sent to ICSD to seek the following;

  • Further clarification on the implications of the sacking of ICSD staff that now include Terry Berrigan (contact secretariat office at USA).
  • A request for copies of legal advice given to ICSD on the issue.
  • The relationship with the IOC and reassurances related to international law on Data Protection.

Where ICSD finances are concerned, we expressed our belief that ICSD working capital ( such as debtors, creditors, bank balances, assets ) along with  proven financial management by ICSD team with the ability to liaise with IOC for top up grants means that there is a sustainable budget in place to maintain the current team of ICSD.


As a way forward, we have requested that at the next ICSD Executive Committee full board meeting (Late March 2014), the board reinstates Mark Cooper along with his team. This ensures that deaf sports does not move backward and is aligned to the approved plans at Congress 2013 Sofia.


“I believe strongly that the body that governs our sport on an international stage needs to listen to the concerns of it federation organisation and to understand how decisions made at board level can impact on nations development. With our international partners, I will not stop challenging things that we feel will have a negative effect on the growth, success and visibility of deaf sport on a world stage and the relationships that we have worked so hard to develop”


Philip Gerrard

Chair, UKDS.

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