Winter Deaflympics Chairman assumes responsibility

The Chairman of the 17th Winter Deaflympics Organising Committee assumes responsibility of the cancellation according to their website.

Extracted what Jaromir Ruda, Chairman has to say: –

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 17th Winter Deaflympics for bridging the time to obtain resources for the upcoming 17th Deaflympic Winter Games is trying to get last minute domestic partner who would provide a loan. Unfortunately, despite serious efforts, this failed and negotiations were completed unsuccessfully. Given the time factor in games can not prepare in the original deadline.

Decision to cancel the 17th Winter Deaflympics was made in order not to increase spending arrival of foreign participants. All costs incurred to date are recorded and immediately work and debt have been cleared as soon as possible.

At the same time we ask for investment projects, including building stadiums in Levoca and Kezmarok not been associated with the termination Deaflympics. Although the reconstruction started in order to make them Deaflympic competition, itself an investment project is bound to conduct games and investment activities will be implemented.

We recognize and we regret that, despite the best efforts and overcome obstacles for the abolition of the Games, with a negative impact on Slovakia, Deaflympics and the overall damage to the name of deaf athletes. We will do everything to these negative impacts are limited to a minimum and ensure the progressive rehabilitation.

I as Chairman of the Organizing Committee, I accepted this responsibility and to bear and do not avoid it. I believe that the opportunity to ensure settlement of all debt that in connection with the preparation Deaflympics incurred.

Jaromir Ruda
COO OC 17 ZDH 2011 Vysoke Tatry

Bratislava, 11.2.2011

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