Rebecca Zelic

1. How did you come to know about Deaf Active Online?

During the early summer, I was looking for opportunities after finishing university and while volunteering as a physiotherapist. I was looking for any job opportunities to keep me going during the summer and UK Deaf Sport was looking for a London-based fitness trainer through social media, so I decided to contact them.

2. How useful have you found accessing Deaf Active Online?

As a deaf fitness trainer, I think it was very accessible for my participants. I had quite a few participants in most of my classes and I was able to communicate with them in British sign language. It was accessible for me and for them.

3. What are the other benefits you have seen from accessing Deaf Active Online?

I have not had much experience working/training with deaf people, although I have many deaf friends, but it doesn’t give me the same experience. Deaf Active Online gave me the opportunity to gain real experience of working with deaf people and I really loved it. There were hardly any communication barriers between me and my participants because I was able to speak as well as using BSL. I felt my ability to communicate via those two methods has given my deaf participants positive workout experiences. Also, working with deaf people with different levels of hearing loss has taught me a lot about how to adapt my role to ensure they all receive the same experience and support from my sessions.

4. Have you found any barriers when accessing online exercise? What are these?

I’ve never attended an online exercise session before, and that is because I always have my own workout programmes. If I didn’t have the programmes, I don’t think I would try to attend any online workout sessions that aren’t run by someone with no deaf awareness. I could literally count certified workout instructors with great deaf awareness on my fingers. There are not so many of them out there! Therefore, I am grateful for Deaf Active Online!

5. What advice would you give to people that are looking to take part in an online activity programme like Deaf Active Online?

Exercising is fantastic for your physical and mental health! Deaf Active Online offers a great variety of workout sessions run by certified deaf trainers with great deaf awareness. They can help you to tackle your perceived barriers to exercise. The aim of Deaf Active Online is to improve access to exercise for deaf people.