BSL Compilation
A collection of British Sign Language for physical activity and training.
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Working in partnership with UK Active, we’ve compiled a list of useful signs you may use in a physical activity setting when communicating in training or coaching a deaf BSL user. 

The first is the full video and below will take you directly to the individual BSL version of each section. 

This list is a work in progress and will slowly be expanded upon. If you have any suggestions please do tell us at 

BSL – My name

BSL – Need help?

BSL – Practice

BSL – Push & Pull

BSL – Running

BSL – Slow Down, Stop

BSL – Sport

BSL – Thank you

BSL – Toilet

BSL – Wait

BSL – Wash hands

BSL – Water / Drink

BSL – Weights

BSL – What’s your name?

BSL – Jumping

BSL – Be careful

BSL – Fire exit

BSL – Food

BSL – How are you?

BSL – How old are you?

BSL – Injury

BSL – Welcome

BSL Signs for Other Sports

Athletics BSL signs

Cricket BSL signs

General Sport BSL signs #1

General Sport BSL signs #2

Golf BSL signs

Gymnastics BSL signs

Netball BSL signs

Rugby BSL signs

Snow Sports BSL signs

Swimming BSL Signs

Tennis BSL signs

Triathlon BSL signs

Watersports BSL signs