UK Deaf Sport are keen to keep you moving! With so many options out there that aren’t accessible to Deaf users, we are working with other organisations and trainers to use the hashtag #DeafActiveOnline to help share and grow accessible activities. 

UK Deaf Sport are proud to be leading and growing online physical activities to make sure deaf people stay active.

We are trying to do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Promoting and Signposting any activities for deaf people online by others – consistently using our hashtag #DeafActiveOnline
  2. Encouraging deaf Trainers/Instructors to do more online activities by giving financial help and technical advice.
  3. Learning and sharing – monitoring and evaluating data about what works and what is needed, and sharing with all key players.

Have a look below at the range of online activity and trainers you can get involved in.

Useful Links

Gentle Exercise

Here you’ll find videos from a wide range of deaf inclusive activity providers and individuals doing gentle activities, where you can have a good stretch, gain some piece of mind and relax. 

Exercise Videos

Here you will find a range of online exercise videos to try out. From cardio to dancing, yoga and even weights! Included are a couple of quick 5 minute videos to help any aches and tight necks from working at the desks all day too.

Cardio/High Intensity Interval Training

Here you’ll find videos from a wide range of deaf inclusive activity providers and individuals who does more vigorous online sessions.

Children and Young People

We’ll be pulling together some fun routines for children and young people covering a variety of high and low intensity activities and sports!  

We've also created an Instagram page for all things #DeafActiveOnline related. Make sure to give it a follow! @DeafActiveOnline

We've also created a playlist of all of the accessible workout videos currently out there so you don't have to! And many more, have a look.

How to use zoom

With most of the online classes being done via zoom, click here to view a subtitled/BSL video guide done by Clark on how to use it.

If you have any ideas or like to get involved – share them with us on our facebook or twitter pages or email us by clicking the button below