Deaf People’s Inclusion in Sport eLearning Course

UK Deaf Sport is excited to share our Deaf People’s Inclusion in Sport eLearning course in partnership with Accelerate Sport. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about how you can make sport and physical activity more inclusive for the deaf community.

The Deaf People’s Inclusion in Sport eLearning course is designed for coaches, parents, carers, and staff working with, caring for, and supporting players in sporting environments. The focus of the course is to empower learners to feel confident in reaching and engaging with players who are deaf and hard of hearing by understanding their experiences and the barriers they face.

Our eLearning course offers:

An understanding of deafness and the importance of inclusion.
An understanding of how to engage with deaf people by identifying barriers.
An understanding of the mental wellbeing of deaf and hard of hearing people and your duty of care.
Considerations, practical tips, and the role those working in sport play.

For further information and to book your place on the course, please click the button below.