1. How did coronavirus impacted you before you joined Deaf Active Online and after?

The moment that Covid hit – I rushed to find ways to keep my current classes going as best I could online. When UK Deaf Sport / Deaf Active Online made contact I felt endorsed in the work that I was doing, and this gave me greater confidence and motivation to work come up with courses showing different ways that Yoga can be supportive.

2. What impact has it given you since you participate Deaf Active Online?

UK Deaf Sport support through Deaf Active Online has motivated me to develop Yoga courses for specific needs that I figured would be relevant in the context of a pandemic and being locked in/down. I have been able to increase my reach to new people and spread the benefits of yoga more widely people who in face-to-face context I would never have the pleasure of teaching.

3. What advice would you give to people that wants to join Deaf Active Online?

I have been teaching deaf people yoga for over 20 years – at times it has been a real struggle to make sure that the classes and my work is viable. This last year it has been a real honour to be acknowledged and supported by UKDS / Deaf Active Online for the work and experience that I have built up. Take the time to attune to the teacher and try several activities that absolutely fits your physical and mental wellbeing needs.